Raum und Wohnen, Switzerland, Architecture story about a reconstruction of an industrial brick baking oven

A&W, Germany, Architecture story about a Ski Ressort of the 1960s in the French Alps

A&W, Germany, Homestory Fleur de Beton, concrete Loft in Berlin

Schöner Wohnen, Germany, City Guide Hamburg

AD, Germany, Homestory Anne Sophie Pailleret, Interior Designer in Paris

AD, Germany, Portrait Set Designer Floris Vos, Designer in Amsterdam

Weltkunst, Germany, Portrait Gallery Owner Esther Schipper in Berlin

Ideales Heim, Switzerland, Architecture Feature of a Demarmels House in Zurich

Habitus, Australia, House Feature of a Studio Mumbai House, India

Modernism, US, Portrait Tatiana Bilbao, Architect in Mexico City